Site Updated 05/06/2015 We are a family-run  retail plant nursery. We have been growing  & selling an extremely  wide selection of plants  here in the Scottish  Highlands since 1979. We have for sale Alpines Bedding Plants Bulbs Dwarf Conifers  Ferns Grasses Heathers Herbs  House Plants  Perennials Shrubs And a few Trees. The majority grown on  site with care & love by  Ben & Lesley  Rushbrooke. We are not a Garden  Centre, so no tea room  or gift shop, all our  effort goes into  producing top quality &  excellent value plants.  The Met Office Local  Weather forecast: Nursery View Opening Hours 10am to 6pm.  Monday to Saturday.  March to Late October or by appointment. We are near Poolewe in Wester Ross, in the remote & beautiful North West Highlands of Scotland and 2kms north of the world renowned Inverewe Gardens. See our directions page for details of how to get here. Echeveria 'Duchess of Nuremberg' Made with Xara © Garden Cottage Nursery, 2015 Welcome Tough and Beautiful plants grown in the Scottish Highlands. Our Stock reflects the prevailing conditions here, with lots of salty wind, high rainfall & fairly mild but  long winters, as well as lots of poor, shallow, highly acidic peaty soils.  As such  conditions make some forms of ‘conventional’ gardening difficult & there is little readily  available information on how to grow plants up here we have written several  informational pieces to help customers get the most from their gardens or just to know more about what make plants tick.  Stormy Loch Thurnaig Amongst Our Stock We have many Brachyglottis, Hebe, Olearia & Ozothamnus. We offer more varieties than anyone else of Olearia, a genus of great variety and utility. We also offer much else  besides that is rare & unusual as well as some of the more run-of-the-mill old favourites.  Other popular specialities include the bog loving ‘candelabra’ Primulas, Erythronium for  the spring through to Crocosmia for the autumn. Olearia 'Henry Travers' Visit Wester Ross Our nursery is located in a beautiful part of the country and is itself in a lovely sheltered  setting with the sales frames arranged around the garden. Surprisingly though we are  not all that is worth seeing hereabouts. When you are done here please follow this link to a useful site to make people aware of what’s going on and accommodation in our area. Loch Maree from Tollie Second Hand Books Founder of the nursery Ron Rushbrooke now sells second hand books through the  internet and from Ron’s Book Bothy upstairs in Poolewe Village Hall above his daughter  Alison’s Button Bothy jewellery studio.  Book Bothy Gallery Pictures speak a thousand words, and when it comes to describing plants those words  are mostly Latin jargon, so if you don’t know your cordate from your palmate having a  picture helps. Nearly every plant that goes through the nursery gets it’s photo taken, we  are uploading most of these plant portraits to the photo sharing site Flickr. We keep  adding more photos all the time and we regularly update the index here. If you would like some free cut-out & keep desktop backgrounds? Here are  some pretty pictures for you. We’ve just added a couple more backgrounds. Clematis montana var. wilsonii Flickr Slide show Click on play to see a seasonal selection of the images we have uploaded to the photo sharing site Flickr. Double click on a picture to see the photo on our Flickr photostream, clicking the “Show Info” bar shows the  name of the plant & a description.
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Garden Cottage Nursery On The Road Throughout the warmer months Lesley has a stall at various local markets: Poolewe Tuesday Market - Every Tuesday in Poolewe Hall (also with books). Next summer Lesley will also return to:    Ullapool Market - Generally Fortnightly, plus some extra weeks, on Saturdays, in  front of the Seaforth Hotel near the Ferry Terminal. Dates for 2015 confirmed so far: 6th June, 20th June, 4th July, 18th July. See some photos Lochcarron Producers Day - in Lochcarron Village Hall the last Friday of each month:  26th June, 31st July. Torridon Food and Craft Market - in Loch Torridon Community Centre Fridays Torridon Community Centre’s Facebook timeline has a nice photo from  the 13th Aug 2014 of Lesley by her stall. If you want Lesley to bring you a particular plant e-mail or phone ahead on 01445781777

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Searchable Availability List Through much ham-fisted coding Ben has managed to make our regularly updated and  almost fully illustrated availability list searchable by name, cultural preferences and such,  so now you can see just what shrubs we have for windy wet and shady sites.   Please have a poke around and see what grabs you. Shrubs growing-on Recent Plant Name Changes Of Note Advancing technology has given botanists a far better understanding of the true genetic relationships between different plant. This has revealed that many plants that are superficially similar looking, and as such were classified as related, are in fact not closely related and need re-naming to reflect this. Recent changes of note amongst plants we sell include: Cortaderia richardii  -->  Austroderia richardii  - ‘Toe-toe’, a tough and adaptable large grass often erroneously called a ‘pampas grass’. Delosperma congestum  -->  Malotigena frantiskae-niederlovae  -  Now unpronounceably named hardy South African succulent. The majority of plants in gardens in the genus Aster have now been split off into several new genera. As most daisies have very small individual parts to their flowers finding distinctions can be difficult and this has led to Asteraceae, the daisy family, historically having comparatively few genera with large numbers of species in many of these genera. The first of a genus to have been named is known as the ‘type’ and it is the standard to  which all others must be compared. The European Aster amellus is Aster’s type species. Recently Aster has been scrutinised and from a peak of 500 species in the 70s, current  indications suggest just 152 should remain in Aster, mostly Eurasian species, but expect  further trimming in coming years. Most of the “Asters” that we grow in gardens, like the  classic ‘Michaelmas Daisies’, originate in America and are no longer considered to be in  Aster. The commonest garden varieties belong in the catchy named genus  Symphyotrichum. Click here for a wee table showing the names for some commonly  cultivated types. Symphyotrichum Eurybia divaricata Ron’s Book Bothy Shop The short winter days and inclement weather have afforded Ron time enough to set up an  ebay shop to offer up various treasures from his vast stock of books, maps, postcard, and  various other bits, bobs and curious that come his way. Click the logo on the left to take a  shufti. Echeveria 'Duchess of Nuremberg' Flaming June So it’s June and the weather is still freezing, wet and windy. We had the worse weather for a May that anyone can remember and June hasn’t started much better. Still at least the days are long and everything has plenty of water to grow. Camellia x williamsii 'Donation' Dodecatheon pulchellum 'Red Wings' Chaerophyllum, fern and Euphorbia Trillium erectum Summer Bedding Plants Rhodohypoxis New Steps Built to Replace Those Destroyed By The Loss Of Our Huge Birch Tree In A January Storm Calendula officinalis Calypso Orange The lumpy flowered dainty woodland prennial Uvularia perfoliata Linvingstone Daisies Lewisia cotyledon hybrids Primula pulverulenta Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' Rhododendron ‘Sneezy’ Myosotidium hortensia The pond is surrounded by Primulas and Irises Summer Bedding Plants Now In! We now have a great range summer bedding plants on sale. There’s masses of colours  and forms, from riotously flashy to classy pastels. Lesley has been busy making up lots  of ready planted containers and hanging baskets for time-poor customers. Stormy Loch Thurnaig On 25th April Nepal was devastated by a massive earthquake, thousands lost their lives, countless people are homeless and the countries infrastructure is in ruins. The wonderful wild flora of Nepal has contributed so much to Western gardens, so please show our appreciation in their time of such dire need for help. Click on the image to the left and give whatever you can to the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal. Veg Plants Now In! Come now for packs of brassica seedlings, mixed salad, as well as pots of tomatoes,  chillies (hot as well as sweet) and strawberries.  We also have a vast selection of culinary herbs to enliven your veggie dishes. Stormy Loch Thurnaig Austroderia richardii Malotigena frantiskae-niederlovae